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Fall/ Winter 2008/2009: Issue #7

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Confessions of a Sissy Roofer


I love my sissy roofer self.
Sissy roofers are a very good thing!

Sissy roofers wear gloves while working,
So their hands don't turn to hooves.

Sissy roofers wear knee pads while kneeling,
So their knees don't fail them before they're 40!

Sissy roofers send their friends to AA
Or family therapists,
Instead of tying one on with the bubbas
And whining about their lot.

Sissy roofers loathe Rush Limbaugh,
Preferring NPR. They voted for
Adalai, JFK, LBJ, Jimmy,
And now tilt toward Obama.

Sissy roofers partner with strong women,
And look forward to the day
When the corporate boys wake up and
Offer 50 pound bundles, so
Women, elders, and small bodied peoples
Can ply our noble trade.

Sissy roofers are like the harpooners of Moby Dick,
Except they would never wish to harpoon a whale these days.
They would rather ride whales, in the sea and on the land.

Sissy roofers read the mystic poets of all of God's children,
To help them deal when a comrade falls to brain injury or death.

Sissy roofers are obsessive about the use of time…
And attention to detail.
If you waste time, you make no money.
If you can't create a roof
That's like a 100 page manuscript without one typo,
You make no money.

Sissy roofers read the Greek tragedians,
To find support in facing up to this highly painful world of being.

Sissy roofers have a chance to climb high on the roofs at 60.
Macho roofers are done for, in the main, around 40.

Sissy roofers drink fair trade coffees at cyber cafes
And waft e-mails to sweet ones to bring closer the day
When the people awaken to the Holy City
They made of Milwaukee over the course of
A mere 5 centuries.

Sissy roofers have more fun.
They make more money.
They win respect.
They respect themselves.

If they ever get too old to climb
Sissy roofers will return to the ground
Work with radiant wastes and worms, and
Bring heavenly food to kitchen tables
Working with rather than warding out
The waters of the heavens.

Viva, Sissy Roofers!
Viva, Sissy Roofers!


James Godsil, President, Community Roofing & Restoration, Inc., Milwaukee, WI


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